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Freshers’ Orientation and Registration For 2023/2024 Academic Year


The Academic Registrar's office released guidelines on Fresher's orientation and registration for 2023/2024 Academic Year.

Here are key highlights, you can read the full excerpt from this link or visit the main Makerere website for the same information. 

One key thing to note;

For a candidate to be considered a bonafide student of the University, he/she must be registered. Registration is a mandatory requirement of the University which must be done within the first two (2) weeks from the beginning of the semester by every student.

Make sure as a fresher, you read the instructions carefully from this link and ensure you are at par everything stated.

Orientation week is an is very important to ensuring you kick start your journey at Makerere University very well. 

To kick start you off on setting up your ICT resources, the information from this link will come in handy. 

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