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Alerts & Maintenance

All ICT systems and subsystems need to be properly and proactively maintained to ensure appropriate levels of availability, stability, security and recoverability of services. Maintenance slots are scheduled regularly to allow DICTS to proactively maintain the ICT infrastructure. To avoid any conflict with community's need of the ICT services, the maintenance is often carried out during off-peak periods. These are often during the night i.e. 8:pm to 6am or during the later hours of the weekends when there's less usage on the systems.

Full Maintenance Schedule Development

We're working with other units and departments in Makerere University to create a regular schedule with recommended times that puts into consideration the peak and off-peak unit/department ICT service provision. Please note that the systems alert & maintenance status will be highlighted on our website under the IT Services Dashboard.

IT Services Dashboard

Critical Systems/Services Current Status
ACMIS Service Upgrade
E-Learning Service Up/Operational
Email Services Service Up/Operational
Internet Services Service Up/Operational
Network Services Service Up/Operational
Web Services Service Up/Operational

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