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COVID-19 Updates

To mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, DICTS is ready to continuously provide a range of IT resources to the Makerere University community. For more, please visit the Makerere Coronavirus Resource Center

A High and Sustainable availability of ICT Resources

To ensure high and sustainable availability of ICT resources through quality management, control and maintenance processes that are customer oriented.

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Starting point for those new to DICTS. Find out what we're all about..
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We're strengthening the security of IT infrastructure and information
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All you need to know about the internet and wireless around Makerere
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We are available & ready to address all your ICT related issues
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Includes Telephone & Mobile communication solutions for Makerere University
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We have tonnes of experience in Web development using various technologies.
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Inventory of available software & apps for the Makerere Community
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Check out our Internships, Training and Volunteering Opportunities
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IT Services Dashboard

Critical Systems/Services Current Status
ACMIS Service Upgrade
E-Learning Service Up/Operational
Email Services Service Up/Operational
Internet Services Service Up/Operational
Network Services Service Up/Operational
Web Services Service Up/Operational


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