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One way to use your Makerere e-mail account is Webmail. This means that you can access your account through any web browser from any computer that is on the Internet. The Makerere University webmail can be accessed from Login using your email address and password.

Email Services (updated)

We're in the process of migrating from the format to and so the content that pointed or assisted towards the former format will be updated after the process of migration is complete. Please refer to the email communications to staff in your inbox for the appropriate schedule.

Email Address: DICTS provides and supports email services to the university community. Once you have completed the enrolment and recruitment formalities for students and staff respectively, you will be able to obtain your university email address with the following format:


A Student called Ms. Janet Uganda registered at the College of Health Sciences will have an email address as follows:


Staff email addresses can be created through the Unit/College LAN Administrator, an alternative avenue is through the DICTS Helpdesk

Changing Email Password

You can only change your Makerere email password via webmail -

Go to preferences Under Change Mail Password supply the old and new passwords as required.


Go to the Create Message tab and Click the attachments button Click the browse button to select the file you want to attach, then click the upload button to attach the file At this point you can send your message by clicking the send button or you can click the back to message button to return to your message box

What is an Auto Reply

An autoreply is an e-mail message that is sent automatically when an email is received by the email account address. It is used to send vacation messages. 

Setting up an Auto Reply

EXAMPLE: Create an out of office autoreply to notify users that the email address owner is out of office and will not be able to respond to any mails.

  1. Go to Edit Autoreplies
  2. Create an autoreply message and save it.
  3. Go to Edit Mail filters and create a new filtering rule to use the autoreply. Define the rule name Set the condition: i.e. All mail addressed to Select the action: to send an autoreply (select the autoreply created in 2) above). Submit your selection VERY IMPORTANT: select "Save All Changes" or your rule will be discarded.

DICTS recommends the following mail clients

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Outlook Express

How to Configure Your Mail client

Here's some quick instructions on your you can configure your mail client in the shortest time possible..

  • Username: Type your email address
  • Password: enter your webmail password
  • Incoming SMTP: 
  • Outgoing SMTP:

Please visit the link : for more information

Setting up Filters

Defining a Filter EXAMPLE :

To deliver all mail from a specific person e.g. to a specific folder e.g. Janet Uganda

  1. On the folders menu create the folder "Janet Uganda"
  2. Click "Edit Mail filter" in main menu to create the filter rule then... Define the rule name
  3. Set the header definition: this can either be from or subject in this case we shall use ?from?
  4. Define the target text and its matching criteria. i.e. the header from field should contain the as set in 3 above.
  5. Select the action; to save mail in the kate folder created in 1) above
  6. Submit your selection VERY IMPORTANT: select ?save all changes? or your rule will be discarded. NB: To add a new rule to an already existing set of rules always click add otherwise your existing rules will be replaced with the new rule

For more information, check out our Knowledge Base at or search through our email articles :

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