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Video Links To Help Students On The ACMIS Student Portal


Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

By Arthur Moses Opio

Dear Students,

As part of the implementation of ACMIS.

We have come up with videos to explain and guide students on the different aspects of the student's portal.

You might come around students who might find these videos useful.

1. An OVERVIEW of the Mak Student's Portal

2. How To Activate Your Mak Student's Portal

3. How To Enroll & Register As Normal Progress Student (Without Retakes)

4. How to Enroll & Register With Retakes For A Previous Semester

5. How To Allocate Tuition That Was Paid & Isn't Reflecting

6. How To Enroll and Register for A Retake After Final Year 

7. How To Make Future Payments/Fees Deposits 

More videos will come up to aid students in understanding and appreciating the new portal.

Other helpful Links

How To Pay Via Mobile Money  

How To Pay Via VISA/MASTERCARD (helpful for people out of Uganda)

ACMIS Implementation Team

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