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Mak Advance System Launch


 As the University marks 100 years of excellence, the Makerere University Endowment Fund will be launching the #MakAdvance system today (Tuesday, 2nd August 2022). The launch will be held at the Frank Kalimuzo Central Teaching Facility, in the Council Room at the University Main Campus starting from 11:00 AM.

The #MakAdvance system is an initiative designed to build a digital and interactive alumni database where all our Alumni and friends of Makerere can create accounts and update their bio-data, digitally donate funds towards different causes in the university, provide real-time updates on events running in the University and improve service delivery regarding donations, news, alumni and stakeholder management through a streamlined, integrated, efficient and effective platform.

The #MakAdvance system is built around seven pillars namely:

1. Alumni and Stakeholder Management

The section manages information including Alumni registration, chapter enrolment, societies subscriptions, alumni directory listing. So far, information for over 300,000 alumni is in the system.

2. Payment Management

This section allows for convenient payment options for our alumni and stakeholders as they donatate towards different causes in the university

3. Donor Ranking

The donor ranking section enables us to create a database of donors in recognition and rank donations made to the different causes using the available channels i.e. mobile money, PayPal, and cards.

4. Cause Management

This section primarily manages the different causes in the university. This includes time- bound causes and non-time bound causes such as scholarships, events etc.

5. Events and Webinar Management

The system also tracks and profiles all events and webinars happening across the university from both Internal and external stakeholders.

6. Dashboard, social media management

Enables administration of information in the system and report generation

7. Souvenir and Gifts Shop

This is an online shop for all Makerere University Souvenir items for sale.

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