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Data Privacy Day 28-01-2021

Data Privacy

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

By Arthur Moses Opio

Today 28/0/2021 is World Data Privacy Day.

There are millions of people world over who are unaware of or are uninformed about how their personally identifiable information(PII) is being used, collected, or shared in the digital space.

The Data Privacy Day aims to inspire dialogue and empower individuals and companies to take action. It is an international effort to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.

A case in point is the phone you are holding or using to read, take videos, use health applications, etc. Whenever we give those applications access to information like location, media (photos, numbers) etc. We don't know what they can use that information for.

"Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this electronic age" - Andy Grove

The Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019 defines personal data as information about a person from which the person can be identified, that is recorded in any form and includes data that relates to- the nationality, age, or marital status of the person; the educational level,... Read more here…

Become A Champion

It is on such a day that champions are raised and you and I can become one.

"People have entrusted us with their most personal information. We owe them nothing lest than the best protections that we can possibly provide" - Tim Cook, White House Cyber Security Summit, 2015

As DICTS, we have put out a short video talking about a few things you can do as we create and raise awareness.


Click this link

5 Tips for Data Privacy

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