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Benefit of Verifying Your Social Media Accounts


By Arthur Moses Opio

Right now to verify your Twitter Account. You need to part with $8 for premium subscription per month. When Elon Musk took over, many accounts of big organisations like Educations Services, Celebrities, Politicians, etc. were verified but most lost their badges due to the new changes that Elon brought into place. 

When you have huge followings online and you are a public figure and person of interest, verifying your social media account should be of utmost importance. 

Having a verified Twitter account provides several benefits for individuals, especially public figures and celebrities. Here are some key reasons why having a verified Twitter account is important:

  • Authenticity and credibility: The blue verified badge on Twitter signifies that an account of public interest is authentic and belongs to the genuine owner. It helps to distinguish real accounts from fake or impersonator accounts. Verification adds credibility to the account and assures followers that the information and content shared by the account holder are legitimate.
  • Identity protection: Verification helps protect the identity of public figures and celebrities. With verified status, it becomes more challenging for others to create fake accounts pretending to be the verified individual. This reduces the risk of impersonation and ensures that followers are engaging with the real account.
  • Trust and engagement: Verified accounts often garner more trust and engagement from users. Followers are more likely to interact, retweet, and engage with content shared by verified accounts, as they trust the authenticity of the account holder. Verified accounts may also have access to certain features and analytics that enhance engagement with their audience.
  • Brand recognition: For businesses and organizations, having a verified Twitter account can contribute to brand recognition and reputation. It helps establish legitimacy and authenticity, enhancing trust among customers, clients, and followers. Verified accounts may also gain more visibility through Twitter's algorithms, as the platform tends to prioritize verified accounts in search results and recommendations.
  • Access to features: Verified accounts may have access to exclusive features and opportunities provided by Twitter. These features can include advanced analytics, custom profile options, early access to new features, and participation in special programs or promotions.
  • Crisis management: During times of crisis or breaking news, having a verified account allows public figures to effectively communicate accurate information to their followers. Verified accounts often receive more attention and credibility during such situations, enabling them to disseminate important updates or address any misinformation.

While verification offers benefits, it's important to note that it does not guarantee protection against hacking or misuse. Account security measures, such as strong passwords and two-factor authentication, should still be implemented to safeguard verified accounts.

Once you account has been hacked, these are the steps you can take.


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