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Arthur Moses Opio

Arthur Moses Opio

End User Administrator
About Me


Arthur Moses Opio is a seasoned ICT expert with a proven track record of excellence. He joined the Directorate of ICT Support (DICTS) at Makerere University in December 2012, and his dedication and technical acumen have made him a pivotal member of the team.

Professional Experience:

Arthur currently serves as the Acting Principal End User Support Administrator within the End User Support Unit at DICTS. In this role, he plays a key role in directly supporting end users and ensuring their seamless interaction with the services provided by DICTS. His responsibilities include maintaining and updating the DICTS website and Knowledge Base, where he continuously enhances web content to benefit the end users.

One of his notable contributions is the creation of short video tutorials that effectively explain the Academic Information Management System (ACMIS). These tutorials have been shared on DICTS' YouTube Channel, making complex concepts more accessible to the university community.

Arthur is also responsible for managing the @DICTSMakerere  X/Twitter handle, where he actively engages with students and staff, disseminating valuable information and ensuring that the university's ICT services are effectively communicated to its stakeholders.

Projects Involved in:

Arthur has been involved in a number of projects and these have enhanced his capacity building, collaborative, project management and leaderships skills.

  • Helped students to improve their digital literacy to their student’s portal and other ICT services like, MUELE,
  • Helped create digital content in the form of guides, Infographics and videos that can be accessed by students via our knowledge base, Twitter(15,800 followers) and DICTS YouTube page (1200 followers). 
  • Helped manage and collaborate user experience via the support of students and staff on the ticketing system. We have great resolution time for the overwhelming numbers of students.
  • Collaborated with all College System Administrators to support students and staff on ICT service usage and delivery. We have a vibrant WhatsApp group where we communicate, share knowledge, share feedback about good ICT delivery and issues being faced at hand.
  • Revitalized internal training content for both staff and students to ensure they're engaging, interactive and memorable.
  • Supported other Units like the Academic Registrar, College PRs with digital influencing, creating interactive graphics
  • Improved the User experience of students and staff and the public who interact with us on social media and ticketing system. They have been supported timely, questions answered, issues resolved and this has greatly improved the Mak image to the public.
  • Been nominated to different Task Force like CEMAS, Mak-ARIS, ACMIS, MakEvote, Mak Hospital System, Endowment Fund(MakEF), CAES Grad Care and 2011 Computer MisUse Guide Review and Update by Uganda Law reform society.
  • Collaborated with NITA-U on Online Cybersecurity Awareness - Workshop dubbed, “Building Blocks For Effective Cyber Resilience Organizational Framework” - Through this workshop, we curated insights from the webinar and published them on the DICTS website.
  • Was nominated to be part of the team with the Uganda Law Reform Society to curate/draft a new computer misuse guide 2011 as a  Handbook for Investigators, Prosecutors, Advocates and Judicial Officers. This was done on 18th June, 2018.
  • I have successfully improved staff and student’s cybersecurity awareness through the security articles written, sharing of cyber security tips on social media platforms and raising incident alerts to staff and students. We have seen great response especially when a staff realises something suspicious in their email accounts.
  • Developed and created 89 YouTube videos to support staff and students with digital content on the ICT services namely, student’s portal, staff portal, MUELE, MakAIR, Evote, etc.
  • Developed over 400 articles that have been posted on the knowledge base for knowledge retention, transfer and capacity building.
  • Successfully participated in Examination scouting to support the Academic Registrar’s department using the ACMIS link provided for verification of exam permits. We were able to detect fake permits and Identify students who did not complete tuition fees. A report to this effect was compiled and submitted through the AR-ICT unit.
  • DICTS is a highly visible unit due to the work of publicity we do and support to other units most especially to the staff and students.

Education and Certifications:

Arthur Moses Opio holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Makerere University and a Master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Security, which he attained during the 72nd Makerere Graduation in 2022.

His dedication to professional growth is evident through his certifications, which include:

  • Installing, managing, and configuring SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2010.
  • Cyber Security Awareness (GlobalIT).
  • Campus Network Security (RENU).
  • ITIL Foundation (AFRALTI – Nairobi).
  • Cyber Security Risk Management (IFIS).
  • Server Virtualization Using Open Source Engines (PROXMOX VE).
  • Systems Integration Project Management.

These qualifications underscore his commitment to staying current with industry best practices and technologies.

Cybersecurity Expertise:

Arthur's passion for cybersecurity is undeniable. He actively shares insights on cyber security awareness through both the official DICTS Twitter handle and his personal account. He further contributes to the field by writing articles on cybersecurity that are published on the knowledge base and DICTS website, expanding the university's cybersecurity knowledge repository.

Work Experience:

Prior to his role at Makerere University, Arthur received training and worked on contract at several notable organizations, including the National Housing and Construction Company Ltd, UNRA, and Computer Point (Sybyl). His experience extends to End User Support, where he played a pivotal role in providing support to UNRA stations across the country, both on-site and remotely, as their Systems Administrator.

Personal Qualities:

Arthur is characterized by his self-determination, self-motivation, and unwavering commitment to principles. His exceptional time management skills and dedication to task completion make him a reliable asset. He is a strategic thinker and analyst, and his humility, confidence, and dedication to service shine through in his work. Arthur is equally capable of working collaboratively as part of a team or independently with minimal supervision.


Beyond his professional achievements, Arthur is a passionate about youth leadership, mentorship and empowerment. He loves financial literacy education, he is a sports enthusiast, with interests ranging from basketball and rugby to Formula One, tennis, and football. He embodies a well-rounded personality with a strong commitment to both his career and personal interests. He believes sports is one of the most important things that teaches discipline, from physical fitness, to personal commitment, individual responsibility, leadership and teamwork. He encourages people to have a system for their health and that they should have routines for workouts inculcated in their lives. He believes the 5 Fs (Family, Faith, Finances, Fitness and Friendships) must be worked upon as our lives evolves around those five things.

Social Responsibility:

Arthur's commitment to social responsibility is commendable. He has actively engaged in youth leadership at the Church Of The Resurrection Bugolobi (COTR) and has been a signatory of the FCP committee under Compassion International at COTR. He continuously inspires and guides young individuals to lead purposeful and responsible lives through mentorships and seminars. His passion for personal finance is evident through his financial literacy contributions via his X/Twitter handle and his personal blog, where he seeks to transform, impact, and empower lives. Arthur also holds a zoom session twice every month within his community dubbed, "conversations that matter", he and his team interview members who have scaled the heights against all odds to share their stories of failure and success. He is a former zonal leader but still serves as a security coordinator for his zone in his residential estate.

Current Focus:

Arthur's primary objective within the DICTS team is to ensure that ICT services at Makerere University meet the highest standards of quality, service delivery, and customer experience. He is committed to aligning DICTS' mandate with the university's strategic objectives, ultimately contributing to Makerere University's vision of becoming a leading institution for academic excellence and innovation in Africa that is research led.

Arthur is currently and heavily involved in ICT support for staff and students. He documents content through guidelines, infographics and videos for dissemination via the mailing lists and social media channels.

Arthur is involved with CodeHub as a content creator and trainer to users of systems that have been developed and deployed for projects. 

Arthur Moses Opio's professional journey and contributions exemplify industry standards in the field of ICT and cybersecurity, and he continues to be a driving force in advancing the technological landscape of Makerere University and beyond.

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