Planning and Maintenance Unit

The planning and maintenantment department is responsible for the for planning for the new technology acquisition, infrastructure expansion, and ensuring proper maintainace management of ICT infrastracture.

Makerere University Data Network Infrastructure

Makerere University is comprised of 32 academic and admistrative units, housed in 80 buildings covering an area of 300 acrea. There are also ten halls of residence on the main campus, and four students hostels in the remote campuses.

The University data backbone network has undergone tremedouus transformation over the last three years. It is currently reaching over 80% of the university buildings. This is contributing  greatly to the University policy target of "1 computer per 5 undergraduate students, and 1 computer per postgraduate student or member of staffs."

The network comprises of:

  • Single-mode fiber star logical topology cover two transmission windows (1500nm and 1300nm) enabling a high bandwidth capacity on the backbone.
  • The backbone consists of twelve switching centers with high performing Cisco switches and routers switches to enable interconnection between backbone points end-user to backbone points, air-conditioning equipments power backup to ensure a high service availability of the network resources.
  • Inter-campus links via leased line for connection of the remote campuses(MUARIK Mulango and MUBS) to the main campus.
  • Two network operations centers, one acting as a Disaster Recovery Center that houses all the University central servers and gateways.
  • Structured cabling for approximately 15 building LANs.

Current access to the data network backbone is limited mainly to the computer laborataries and offices in various units. The University with support for the development partners is in the process of setting up building LANs for the various units focusing on increasing the number of computer labs for students, implementations of wireless LANs for identified 'hotspot' within the University, mainally focusing on students halls of residence.

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