Networks Management Unit

The Network Magement Department addresses the development area given the highest priority by Makerere University by ensuring effiencient network services provision through

  • Equitable internal and external network resource allocation and planning
  • Provision of connection points to the University backbone to Faculties and administrative units.
  • Continued research and system intergration especially on open source solutions.
  • A 68 Mb internet connection that provides Access-to-Internet services such as World Wide Web(WWW) to researchers, teaching staff and students.
  • Optimisation of the available  bandwidth through the utilisation of a bandwidth manager and caches servers.
  • An efficient email system, which has has enhanced communication processes within the University and between the University and other institutions. Electronic mail has become the major communication application in many offices in the University.
  • An intranet facility; a single access point to all University ICT services that provides information on request to users within the domain of the local area network of an organisation, making use of data specifically stored for this application and/or using existing data stored in corporate databases and the library catalogue. 

Please refer to the Network Management Unit presentation below for more info..

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