Database Unit


Data availability

  • Ensure databases are online all the time
  • Perform timely backups of data for business continuity
  • Disaster Recovery site

Data security

  • Provide access only to authorized users
  • Only allow users to efficiently access data from specific locations and workstations.
  • Audit system logs on the databases

Existent Data Repositories

    Public Universities Joint Admissions Board runs on Mysql Database Management System
    Makerere University E-learning Environment is an E-learning plateform that is hosted on MySQL Database Management System.
    Is a repository of scholarly work by Makerere community and runs on PostgreSQL Database Management
  • OCW
    Open course ware stores open course content and runs Mysql Database Management System
  • Ledger Works
    Keeps record of budgeting, income/expenditure and ledger
  • ELIN
    Electronic Library Information Navigator. This is an interface for e-resources.
  • Mail
    University mail
  • Web
    University website files and databases. These databases are mainly run on MySQL Database Management System.


Data Availability-Backup



    • Has 26 disks, a total of 5TB
    • Challenge faced is how to use this application.
    • Training is required to explore full functionality of this application

    • Backup documentation for Oracle database is available.
    • Documentation for setting up the DRC site is available.

    • Oracle database are monitored everyday to ascertain the availability of disk space.


  • Backup:-backups are always about 12 hours late(Oracle database cluster license needed to tackle for this
  • Data management policy guidelines

PLANS NetAPP: (Training in NetAPP could be useful to use the appliance) Oracle training NAS for end users to store their data (procure more disks)