Wireless Access

Makerere University Wireless Hotspots (MakAir)

Service Description

The wireless hotspots are meant to leverage the limited number of ICT facilities within the Faculties that are available for student access. The location of the hotspots has been designed such that students can comfortably work at any time of the day, particularly in the night when resources (particularly Internet bandwidth) are abundant. Thus the targeting of access mainly within student rooms is strategic, addressing the particularly the time limitation that is typical of most faculties.


The University Wireless Hotspots are located at: http://map.mak.ac.ug


The wireless service is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Please note that availability is subject to periodic scheduled downtime for system maintenance and repair. The DICTS Helpdesk will send out communication to users once there is a planned scheduled downtime

Accessing the Service

Using suitable ICT devices such as laptops, PDA’s and desktop computers equipped with a Wi-Fi standard wireless ethernet adapter, students and staff with Makerere email addresses can access the service. A full email address and its corresponding password are required in order to access the service. See the FAQs for additional information about MakAir