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Makerere University is the oldest and highest institution of learning in the country. It is therefore imperative that it maintains a corporate identity that defines and distinguishes it at a glance, even on the World Wide Web. The web presence is Makerere University's face and window to the world. The specified Colors, Consistent Architecture and Logo present the trademarks of the university.

The following are the proposed guidelines all university unit administrators should follow when designing a university unit/faculty website:


The following colors are a close representation of what is used in the university printing. The colors we have include:



The logo should be placed in the top left hand corner of the main page and clicking on it should take you to the university home page.

Browser types

Although many different browsers are available, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are the two most popular ones. The competition between Netscape and Microsoft to dominate the market has lead to continual improvements to the software thus making them the most used web browsing software.

It is therefore important to make sure that all university web sites are accessible in Version 4.0 and later releases of either browser [ including Chrome, and Safari browsers ].


Typography is one of the most powerful tools available in creating a corporate look. Unfortunately, on the web, competing browsers have different standards for fonts. If a browser does not have the font you have chosen, then it will revert to the default - usually Times Roman, or Courier fonts.

Our recommendation is a San serif font face like Verdana or Arial that is legible, neutral and easy on the eye.

Graphics Policy

All photographs, images, and other graphics posted on the university and units? web pages will be:

  • Authorized, upon permission of owner, for publication by the university.
  • Optimized at the lowest recognizable resolution.
  • Posted with an associated ALT tag on each page upon which it has been inserted.

Following the above guidelines will:

  • Provide consistency between your pages and others in the University,
  • Let users who access the unit/faculty websites know that they are officially published on behalf of the University,
  • Avoid the University being held responsible for publishing somebody's work or images without permission

Nature of Content

A Makerere University website should among others have the following content:

  • Admissions
  • Study Programmes - including courses and timetables where applicable Various guidelines and proceudres e.g. application, registration etc
  • Research - a list of pulications and where possible upload the publications
  • Services and resources - Library, ICT etc
  • About the unit - Unit staff and administration, location, news and events regularly updated
  • Sitemap - a page that indexes all information/links hosted on this website
  • Feedback - A means by which the intended audience can provide their views or queries on the unit services

Please refer to these Web Standards for more..

Makerere University Website Development Standards


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