Service Description

The Makerere University IP telephony (VOIP) Service is one of the strategic ways of reducing operational cost within the University.  This service enables communication internally over the computer network infrastructure. The initial implementation has realized the distribution and installation of 300 (three hundred) in various University Units. The service is available to Makerere University staff members. The VoIP phones are used concurrently with the existing analogue phones.

Accessing the service

The VOIP service can be accessed using a suitable VOIP phone or VOIP software application. Call Management is done using a centralized server. DICTS recommends the following

  • Grandstream and xlite IP Phones. Refer to the Attachment Below
  • Xlite - Soft-phone Application. Download

An On-line VOIP directory is now available.

Using Soft Phones

Please follow these instructions on how to use the VOIP - Soft Phone sytem:

  • Download the Xlite Soft Phone Application and install it on your computer >> Download Application
  • Send an E-mail to helpme@dicts.mak.ac.ug with the following Credentials:
    • Your Full Name
    • Name of Your Office
    • Name of Department and School under which you fall
    • Name of College and or Administrative Unit you belong to
  • You will recieve an email with settings and instructions to use to configure and use your Soft Phone
  • You will also need to have your own head-set (Headphones/earphones and or with a Microphone)

Using the Service

The VOIP Service, is available through intercom codes, see online VOIP directory. The VOIP Service cannot be used to make mobile or fixed phones calls inside and outside Makerere University nor does it require airtime to work. Usage is possible through the internet service. Functionalities available include: making calls, messages, phonebook storage etc.

Getting help

For self help, make sure the phone is plugged into a power supply and connected to the network through a network cable plugged into a LAN port. 

Request for help relating to VOIP Phone configuration and procurement, Contact the DICTS Helpdesk

VOIP services updated - December 2011

The VOIP service has been upgraded and currently caters to extended features for example: -

  • Call Holding
  • Call Transfers
  • Voice Mails
  • Do not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding
  • Contact Directory
  • Conference calls

To mention but a few...

For details of the NEW FEATURES and how to use them please refer to the PDF Guide attached Below:

Additional Files: