Plagiarism Detector

The plagiarism checker tools is available as a university resource to staff, students and researchers. The tool can be used to check authenticity of documents and publications. There is no need to subject your document to a 3rd party to run a plagiarism check. The tools allows you perform a fast search on local (dspace) as well as online repositories from more than 7 billion on-line sources. Has a State-of-art Advanced Report Viewer and an extended Source tracing mechanism.

Academic staff can run a plagiarism check on their publications, dissertations and generate a report to be attached before submitting to Quality assurance. Student assignments submitted through MUELE environment are subjected to a plagiarism check to ensure compliancy with the university regulations 

The plagiarism detector software was recommended by Makerere University Quality Assurance department and procured by the College of Health Science MESAU-MEPI Project

A standalone application is available and can be downloaded and installed on your PC through your college websites.
Attached is a video link showing step by process on how to use the software: