Mail Filter

Defining a Filter EXAMPLE :

To deliver all mail from a specific person e.g. to a specific folder e.g. John Doe

  1. On the folders menu create the folder "John Doe"
  2. Click "Edit Mail filter" in main menu to create the filter rule then... Define the rule name
  3. Set the header definition: this can either be from or subject in this case we shall use ?from?
  4. Define the target text and its matching criteria. i.e. the header from field should contain the as set in 3 above.
  5. Select the action; to save mail in the kate folder created in 1) above
  6. Submit your selection VERY IMPORTANT: select ?save all changes? or your rule will be discarded. NB: To add a new rule to an already existing set of rules always click add otherwise your existing rules will be replaced with the new rule