YouTube Policy

Dear Staff / Students

YouTube will be blocked between 8am-2pm (peak-time) and accessed between
2pm and 7am the following morning from Monday to Friday.This has been done
to manage the limited bandwidth and prioritize it for critical university
business applications during that period.However over weekends,the policy
will not be applied to YouTube and it will be accessible for 24hr.

Staff that use YouTube resources for teaching purposes are advised to
download videos during off-peak hours 2pm-7am (Monday-Friday) and over the
weekend when there are fewer users on the Makerere network.You are also
advised to download via ethernet (cable connection) because it's faster
and more stable (limited interference) than a wireless connection.

This arrangement will remain in place until our bandwidth increases to
that point were we can allow streaming applications to run all the time
without stifling other bandwidth dependent business applications and
general user experience within the University.

Please visit the knowledge-base for basic ICT
support and feel free to contact DICTS for ICT support and advise.