Yahoo! Launches Web Security Scanning Tool

Yahoo! has released a large scale web security scanning platform aimed at improving the safety of the Web called Gryffin.

Gryffin, the new project has been published to Github in beta under the BSD-style license, and Yahoo! says that it is more than just another scanner, as it aims at addressing two issues that current initiatives have, namely coverage and scale.

The project’s Github page explains that coverage has two dimensions, namely crawl and fuzzing. The first implies the ability to find as much of the application’s footprint as possible, while the latter involves testing all of the application’s components for an applied set of vulnerabilities.

With web applications being template driven, meaning that the same code or path can generate large number of URLs, Gryffin's crawler requires only one of the URLs to work. Moreover, it has a deduplication engine that compares a new page with an existing one, which allows it to avoid crawling the same page twice.

Gryffin's crawler also uses PhantomJS for DOM rendering and navigation, which allows it to discover links and code paths in rich applications that are heavily driven by client-side JavaScript. However, the scanning platform does not have fuzzer modules, even for common vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL Injection, as it wants to allow users to fuzz for just what they need.

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