Use the Help-Desk tool to log ICT requests

Dear staff,

All users are encouraged to log their ICT requests/tickets through our help-desk tool which can be accessed via a web-based interface by clicking this link The link is accessible anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Alternatively, users can send their requests via the email address. Requests sent via email also end-up in the help-desk tool and are treated exactly the same way as those logged via the web-based interface.

When you log a ticket, you will receive a notification with a ticket number to the supplied email address. The ticket number can be used to check on the status of your ticket via the web-interface Please click the link below for a simple graphical guide on creating a ticket via the web-based interface.

Logging tickets via the help-desk tool is meant to streamline and improve the user-support process through improved response times and first time resolution of requests where possible. It also improves accountability of user requests as every request is logged onto the system and can easily be tracked to a support personnel who did or didn't attend to a user request. The tool also generates cumulative statistics which enable DICTS to know the most logged ICT support requests which need utmost attention.

Therefore, all users are requested to henceforth send requests for ICT support via or and not to individual email boxes for accountability purposes.

Please click this link for a graphical guide on creating a ticket and also adhere to the above guidance for better ICT support.

Kindest Regards, Mugabi Samuel