Update from Social Media for Higher Education workshop

Dear Staff and students

Yesterday, the Directorate for ICT Support(DICTS) held a successful workshop on Social Media for Higher Education at the main building. The key points of discussion at the workshop included;

1) Building a professional digital brand for the University starts with each one of us and your professional portfolio online,impacts positively or negatively on the institution you work for.

2) Engaging students through Social Media is affordable,interactive and sustainable (The use of WhatsApp as a learning tool).

3) The importance of Institutional branding. The Makerere brand (Digital or otherwise) should reflect the core values of the institution;

i)  Allegiance to the Institution.
ii) Integrity.
iii)Customer Responsiveness.
iv) Professionalism.
v)  Openness to Diversity.

4) Social Media is the vehicle that perpetuates Cyber-Crimes. The scene of crime is now borderless which has changed the face of policing.

This was the first of a series of workshops that will be held with various stakeholders to discuss and share ideas on how to effectively use ICT as an enabler in Higher Education as well as carry out user awareness trainings in different areas of ICT.

Given the importance and growth of Social Media and Cyber-Security concerns, the next workshop will focus on " Social Media and Cyber-Security Awareness".

I would like to thank the participants for making the event a success and also thank the Public Relations Office and College of Education and External Studies for their active participation. It is also worth noting that #SocialMediaforHigherEducation, was the most discussed/trending topic on twitter UG yesterday with a massive Impression on the cyber world. This is what twitter statistics say,"Your Tweets earned 21,089 impressionsover the last 24 hours" as of 27/02/2018 and this has increased Makerere's online visibility.

Many thanks and Regards

Samuel Paul Mugabi

End User Support Manager