Update On Mobile Signals On Campus

Dear staff and students

Airtel Uganda recently completed works on the wireless mast aimed at improving their mobile signal strength and coverage at Mak-campus.Users should now experience better signal quality at most locations on main campus. A similar exercise was undertaken by MTN Uganda before the end of 2016.

3G mobile data services are equally accessible following the improvement in signal quality. However, we have requested the service providers (MTN and Airtel) to upgrade their mobile data speeds to 4G given that Makerere is a research center that deserves the best internet services available. Please note that space has been leased to MTN and Airtel on the mast to improve their services on Makerere hill and DICTS has no control on quality of mobile signal and data services provided.Users can directly relay information on quality of mobile signal and data services to MTN and Airtel via the DICTS twitter handle(@DICTSMakerere) to which they are tagged.

Mobile data services of MTN and Airtel (3G and 4G) are different from the Makerere wireless internet service(Makair).The former is a payable service obtained from your mobile service provider while the latter is a Makerere wireless internet service accessible to all Mak-users within its range.This clarification follows requests from users to access MTN and Airtel mobile data services while on campus.Mobile data services belong to the service provider who should be contacted directly by the user.

The wireless mast behind the main library is primarily meant to create a WiFi/ wireless internet blanket cover for Mak-main campus and this has been achieved for the most part especially coverage at halls of residence.Other areas especially around some administration and lecture halls might still experience minimal to zero Makair signal and this is attributed to several factors some of which include;

1) Not operating the desired number of wireless access points required for optimal coverage due to budgetary limitations on the project.
2) Foliage cover/chlorophyll at Mak-campus degrades signal quality.

While on campus, Mak-users may opt to use Makair/wireless internet if signal is within their reach in order to save on mobile data charges from their service providers. Also several units/colleges have setup local wireless internet access (part of Makerere data services) for their users and these can be accessed by local users outside of the Makair signal range.Please contact your unit/college ICT personnel for connection details pertaining to college based wireless internet services.

Kindest Regards,Mugabi Samuel.

End-User Support Manager DICTS