Streamlining University ICT services

Dear staff,

DICTS mandate within the University is to leverage ICT services to
colleges and administrative units in order to support research, learning
and other business processes.

It has come to our observation that some administrative units and colleges
deploy wireless networks, develop or procure software systems and ICT
hardware equipment without consulting DICTS. This negatively affects ICT
standardization and continuity planning for the institution since some
user units end-up developing and/or procuring sub-standard hardware and
software systems.

Therefore in order to effectively streamline, manage and improve ICT
service delivery within the University, colleges and administrative units
should consult DICTS before:-

1) Developing or procuring any hardware and/or software
applications/systems for University use. Also refer to the University ICT
Framework Contract for standardized ICT specifications

2) Signing Memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with external service
providers of ICT services.

3) Attempting to host any University website externally.

Any unit or college that develops or procures applications without
consulting DICTS will NOT be able to host them on the University network.
This is meant to enable DICTS monitor and control the quality of service
for applications and systems that connect to the University network.