Protect your mobile devices

Dear Staff and students

Most users today including those at Makerere posses a smart mobile device running one of three mainly used platforms (Android,IoS and Windows Mobile). Whilst these devices ease communication on the move,this is not without security challenges and precaution should be taken to safeguard your devices from malware which can easily be transmitted onto the Mak-network should one connect to it with a compromised device.

Recently, a bug named Broadpwn, has been used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities present in mobile device WiFi-chipsets of devices running on Adroid,Ios/apple and Windows Mobile. Therefore, users are advised to adhere to the following preventive guidelines in order to protect their devices from malware infection.

1) Do not simply connect to open WiFi services in parks, cafes etc. These are hot beds through which the unsuspecting user can be attacked. Also turn off WiFi, Bluetooth on mobile devices if not being used as this not only saves on your battery power but also reduces the risks of intrusion.

2) Keep your mobile operating system up-to-date (hot-fixes and patches). Some of these are security fixes while others fix functionality glitches in the mobile operating system. Please apply these updates when prompted by your mobile device.

3) Install a security solution/antivirus. The University provides Sophos for all users,please liaise with your unit ICT administrator for installation of Sophos on your device.

4) Always back-up your data. Take advantage of the several free cloud storage solutions to back-up your data.The importance of a back-up is realized once you loose your data. Please click the link below for further details on backing-up your mobile device.

This article like many others sent before, emphasizes adherence to preventive measures in order to safeguard ICT devices and DICTS will continue reminding users on the same.

Kindest Regards, Mugabi Samuel