Presidential Initiative Fund to support ICT Sustainabiliity

Dear Staff,

Over the last few years,DICTS has been unable to implement several activities in the University ICT Policy and Master plan due to limited funding.This has consequently resulted into the Unit being unable to fully realize it's mandate,and this has impaired the efficient execution of several business processes within the Institution(academic,financial,human resource etc).

Most of the ICT interventions in education implemented to-date at Makerere,have mostly been funded by the Swedish International Development Corporation (Sida) since DICTS inception in 2000 and while these are notable ICT achievements,their sustainability has been a challenge for many years resulting into a number of ICT equipment within the university reaching it's end of life and end of support from manufacturers.

Inlight of the above challenges,university management has agreed to use 1.76 billion Ugandan shillings from the Presidential Initiative on Science and Technology budget, to fund ICT activities that were budgeted for but not realized in the last two financial years,and to also sustain DICTS core ICT equipment for the next five years (Oct 2015-April 2020).

This email is therefore to express our gratitude and appreciation to management and particularly Prof. Barnabus Nawangwe (DVC/FA) and Dr.Florence Nakayiwa (Director planning and Development) who have played a pivotal role to this effect.

The funds will be spread over a period of five years to cover the following activities:

1) Procurement of active devices (Cisco core switches,link load balancerand router worth 300,000,000/= for 2015/16)
2) End-user capacity building and sensitization for CEMAS implementation and deployment (130,000,000/= for 2015/16)
3) Fiber optic fusion splicing of all joints to all buildings (60,000,000/= for 2015/16)
4) Upgrading 20 active devices for the LANS at all colleges (180,000,000/= for 2016/17)
5) Procurement of a Bandwidth Manager (250,000,000/= for 2016/17)
6) Procurement of air conditioners for the Disaster Recovery Center and physics switching center (60,000,000/= for 2016/17)
7) Fiber backbone upgrade between physics and the DICTS network operation centre (80,000,000/= for 2017/18)
8) Upgrading the campus backbone from 1 Gbps(Gigabits/second) to 10 Gbps (250,000,000/= for 2016/18).
9) Data and power cabling upgrade for the network operation center (NOC) and disaster recovery centre (DRC) (300,000,000/= for 2018/19)
10) Establish a fibre backbone extension to Makerere police,Hospital,Security department and Music Dance and Drama department
(150,000,000/= for 2019/20).