New Makerere ICT Policy and Strategic Plan (2016-2021)

Dear staff,

Makerere University council during it's special council sitting on the 13th/07/2016,adopted and approved the new Makerere ICT Policy and Strategic Plan 2016-2021 which became effective on the 14th/07/2016.

Most ICT milestones in the 2008-2018 Makerere ICT Strategic Plan have not been attained due to limited funding and in order to avoid a recurrence of a similar situation,Mak-council during it's special sitting on the 13th/07/2016 agreed to having the technology fee ring-fenced for 3 years starting with the financial year 2016/17 in order to enable DICTS implement activities of the Makerere ICT strategic plan 2016-2021.

Please note that the policy and strategic plan are not yet ready for distribution and council during the meeting requested the Directorate of Legal Affairs to put the associated documents in the format that befits Makerere University and then have them distributed to stakeholders by DICTS.

On this note,I therefore congratulate DICTS and Makerere staff members who contributed to the development of the new Makerere ICT Policy and ICT Strategic Plan 2016-2021. Special thanks go to management for having availed funds to facilitate the entire policy re-writing process.

With your support and cooperation, DICTS should now be able to further improve ICT service delivery within the University.