New Mail Platform and changes to POP/SMTP Mail-Client Settings

Dear Staff,

We hope you like the new mail interface and that the navigation is not a challenge.An end-user guide is being developed and will be shared soon.

The following have so far been noted:

1) Some users are unable to log into web-mail.If you are one of them,then contact me directly (on condition that you have your emails forwarded to another email address,otherwise you will not know because you can't log into this platform !!).

2) Due to the changes in encryption,the settings have changed.For those that can follow these simple steps,please do.Otherwise a step by step graphical document on how to change the setting will be emailed today.

i)    Get into your Outlook.
ii)   Click "File"
iii)  Click the arrow pointing down on "Account Settings" and Click "Account Settings"
iv)   Highlight or select the account (your account) and click "change"
v)    A "Change Account" box will pop-up,then select "More settings"
vi)   Click the "Outgoing" server tab and make sure "My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires Authentication" is selected
vii)  Select the "Advanced" tab and then under the "Incoming server (POP3),select "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).Note that the port number now changes to 995.
viii) Under "Outgoing server (SMTP) the port is 25,MAKE sure you select "TLS" under "Use the following type of encrypted connection".Click "OK"

After the above 8 steps,you should be able to send/receive emails from your mail-client on and off the Mak-network without changing the settings.

For those that are unable to do so,a step by step graphical guide will follow soonest (today).

Feedback on the new mail interface,usability and suggestions are welcome.The platform will undergo a few changes during this testing phase. I hope users have noticed that just like Google Mail,this platform automatically saves your draft and you should not worry about your email draft getting lost in case of abrupt power shut down.