Message To Freshers 2017/2018

Dear freshers,

I take this opportunity to welcome you to Makerere University and also congratulate you upon admission to a premier University in Africa. The Directorate for ICT Support (DICTS), is mandated with the provision of ICT support services to research and learning at Makerere.  Makerere is a premier University in many regards including having the largest University ICT network in sub Saharan Africa outside of South Africa.

Some of you may have studied ICT as a subject at your A levels but nearly all of you have encountered and used ICT services through your mobile phones and computers. ICT has invaded all spheres of life from agriculture to social sciences and higher Education has been at the forefront of driving ICT innovations in all other sectors of society. In this day and age, Universities can't thrive and compete globally minus ICT platforms and services which are used to share research output as well as collaborate with other academic institutions.

ICTs, have revitalized the whole learning experience from the traditional four walled classroom to learning anywhere anytime and Makerere University through various projects is in the process of establishing smart ICT based classrooms and a fully-fledged E-learning platform to enhance your learning experience regardless of whether you are on/off campus.

In June of 2016, the United Nations Human Rights Council, declared Internet Access a basic Human Right. In the same light, Makerere University through the Directorate for ICT Support (DICTS), recognizes that internet access is central to student learning and research and therefore provides internet access at various locations across campus. 

Further details on how and where you can access various ICT services including the internet will be shared during our student sensitization drives at various colleges and very regularly on this platform (Twitter) @DICTSMakerere and on the Student Guild Facebook page.

Thank you very much and wish you a fruitful stay at Makerere.
Warm Regards,
Mugabi Samuel, End –User Support Manager DICTS

For: Director DICTS