Managing your Makerere email

Dear staff and students

Several users continue to grapple with the management of their Makerere emails which has often times resulted into;

1)    Auto-removal from academic and staff lists.
2)    Not receiving mail sent to you because it bounces due to limited or used-up storage quota
3)    Being locked out of your inbox when entire quota is used up.

Management of your inbox is an active process that requires you to keep a keen eye on the storage quota bar ( bottom left of your web-mail window) which shows percentage usage of your storage. Auto-reminders on storage are sent to your inbox in the event that you have used more than 80% of your storage. Users are therefore advised to clean-up their inboxes when they receive these messages.

“What if am away and have not logged into my inbox for a day or two only to find that I have been locked out?”

If a user doesn't log into their inbox for more than a day, the likelihood of being locked out of their inbox is high due to the limited storage quota and the high volume of attachments that are received/sent in an academic setting.

“What do I do then?”

Besides actively managing your inbox, a user can configure a mail-client to automatically download emails from the Mak-mail server to their computer.Please note that keeping a copy of your emails on the mail-server for a limited period of time (7-14 days) is highly recommended for backup purposes (tick option when setting up mail-client).This configuration will automatically clean-up your Makerere inbox after the set number of days.

The guidelines for setting-up different versions of mail-clients can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Only follow guideline for mail-client that pertains to you.

1.    (Outlook)
2.    (ThunderBird)
3.    (Mac)
4.    (Eudora)
5.    (Mobile Mail-clients)

Besides setting up mail-clients, users can forward their Makerere emails to another account of their choice by selecting all their emails and clicking the "forward" button, typing in recipient email and sending. Please note that this process is entirely manual.

If you happen to use a Gmail account, the Google Mail Fetcher tool can be set-up to automatically fetch your emails from the Mak-mail server to your Gmail account. Please click link below for details.

Mail-quota policy

Close to two years ago, mail storage quota was increased to (250 MB), (500 MB), (1 GB) for (students), (general staff), (Deans, Principals and directors) respectively and while this may not be enough, it is manageable if used in addition to the above mentioned options. DICTS intends to abide by this policy and its revision can only be considered if storage is upped.

Kindest Regards ,Mugabi Samuel