Management of ICT services within the University

Dear Staff,

In order to achive efficient ICT service delivery within the University,it's pertinent that all ICT services offered are re-aligned with the University's business objectives.This can only be achieved through the implementation of an ICT policy and Strategic plan that meets the ever changing ICT needs of the University as well as through adquate funding,staffing and continous ICT professional development.

University council recently approved Makerere's ICT Policy and Strategic Plan (2016-2021) which was shared on this platform.However,the policy only remains a document and not an instrument of ICT service standardization and improvement in the University if not implemented and adhered to by all.

I have on a number of accasions emphasized on this platform that ICT services should not be deployed at colleges and units without involving DICTS. This is because DICTS is mandated with the planning,standardization and implementation of ICT services within the university. Some of the unit/college local area networks inspected do not meet the standards specified by DICTS and this is because they were put in place without consultation and it has resulted into poor services for users as well as incompatibilities with the university network services.

Also some units/colleges are working directly with Government agencies to implement ICT services within the University and this is wrong.
Intent to implement any ICT Government to Government departmental business or project,must be officially addressed to the university accounting officer and University management who take a decision in consultation with DICTS on how to best implement the project within the University. Non-compliance violates standard operating procedures and also negates all efforts made towards standardizing ICT services within the University.

This is therefore to request that all unit/college heads make sure that standard operating procedures have been adhered to before granting approval to implement any ICT project within their unit/college for purposes of transparency and improved ICT service delivery within the University.

Attached is the University ICT Policy and Strategic Plan 2016-2021.

Kindest Regards,Mugabi Samuel

End-User Support Manager DICTS