Makerere Wireless Hotspots Project

The current Wireless Network (MAK AIR) was established in 2010 with support from SIDA. At the time of installation, the network was able to support the user community at Makerere with a possibility of scaling up to accomodate growing numbers.

Over the last few years, the number of users continues to grow while the wireless network hasn't been scaled up to meet the growing demand. This has resulted into poor network user experience, dropped connections and inability to connect to wireless despite it's availability and this stems down to the fact that the wireless network is obsolete.

The good news is that with funding from SIDA and support from external consultants. DICTS has started the implementation phase. The new network and hot-spots will be able to accommodate the growing  number of users and the user experience will improve. Here are a couple of pics to show the progress, it is the latest and state of the art technology that is being deployed.... More updates will be given in regards to this project.