Mak - ICT Update

Dear Staff,

New Years greetings from the DICTS team,

DICTS is optimistic about continued Mak-ICT service improvement in 2017 and we look forward to working with you. On closure of the University, ICT services were shut down across the entire university,however these were restored as soon as the university was reopened recently.It should be noted that while services have been restored centrally at DICTS,some units or users might experience intermittency or unavailability of services due to local network issues in their respective units. I have requested network and systems administrators within colleges and administrative units to make sure services are locally available to users.

Due to the closure,users who have not been using or accessing their Mak inboxes,might be unable to log in due to quota issues and these are advised to contact DICTS. Please advise them to contact DICTS for help because they won't get this message.

During the closure,DICTS continued working in the background to improve ICT services and a GSM booster for the MTN network was installed on the wireless mast behind the main Library.Users on the MTN mobile network should now be able to experience improved signal strength across campus.However should you experience highly diminished signal strength on the MTN network on campus,please report the location to us so we can follow through. Plans are also underway to have Airtel install their GSM signal booster on the mast and we shall keep you up-dated.

Please contact us regarding ICT related service outages you might be experiencing.

Best wishes for a successful 2017.

Kindest Regards,

Mugabi Samuel

End-User Support Manager DICTS