Mak-Bandwith Update

Dear Staff and Students

Makerere bandwidth has in a span of three years steadily increased from 68Mbps on the UTL network to the current 340Mbps on RENU and while is this may not be sufficient bandwidth for an institution the size of Makerere, through proper provisioning, most users have reported improvement in internet experience save for;

1) those in units where the local area network and its switching devices are old and do not support higher data speeds.
2) those who use old computers/end-user terminals with limited processing speeds.

In the last quarter of 2015/16, the director DICTS further engaged RENU through a series of meetings on the possibility of driving the price of bandwidth down and am pleased to report that a positive agreement was reached.

Starting 1st September 2016, our bandwidth will be 900 Mbps which is just 100Mbps shy of 1Gbps! This is nearly a threefold increment from our current 340 Mbps and is the biggest increase in bandwidth that we have achieved for the same budget since we joined the RENU network and is a huge achievement which takes us past our target minimum bandwidth of 600 Mbps!

With 900 Mbps of bandwidth, our internet experience should greatly improve and so should our online visibility. Our University web-ranking should also be on the upside on condition that staff continue to publish in high impact journals and graduate theses are uploaded to the Makerere institutional repository ( as suggested by Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe in his last communication.

Makerere internet access will greatly improve when DICTS completes the wireless project and this coupled with the increasing number of smart devices being used by Mak-users, will only drive demand for bandwidth upwards. The 900Mbps will only accommodate this demand for some-time before we seek for more bandwidth. Therefore Mak-users are requested to use the available bandwidth resource for university business so we can make the most of it.