Internet Kiosks get New Computers

DICTS with financial support from Sida,is in the process of replacing computers/desktops in three kiosks namely; Senate, CEES and CHS. The desktops will be replaced with a thin-client system which improves security (it's a virtual desktop environment) and also reduces hardware requirements.

The senate Kiosk will receive 12,CEES 10 and CHS 8 while the Kiosks at Africa hall and school of women and gender studies will receive computers that have been refurbished from the pool of old computers at all kiosks.

Internet Kiosks at Makerere were initially setup with funds from Sida with the aim of improving internet access for students without personal computing devices.The kiosks are located at senate building level 3,Africa Hall,College of Health Sciences (CHS),College of Education and External studies (CEES) library,school of women and gender (CHUSS) and CCE hall and are managed by students during term time.

Sustainability of the kiosks has been a challenge due to lack of a maintenance budget and most computers have reached their end of life (EoL).Hopefully the technology fee will be ring fenced to sustain ICT interventions in research and learning as well as automation of business processes at Makerere (financial,human resource,academic etc).

Kindest Regards,

Mugabi Samuel
End-User Support Manager-DICTS
Directorate of ICT Support
Makerere University