Integrated Management Information System ( IMIS Framework)

Dear Staff,

DICTS will in the near future implement an Intergrated Management
Information System (IMIS framework) for the entire university that was
approved by council.

The purpose of this is to:-

1) Streamline the implementation and deployment of Information systems
within the university against standards set by DICTS.This will enable us
monitor their performance,plan for their scalability and continuity.

2) Create single point of reporting:-Since Information systems will be
intergrated,duplication of Information/data across standalone systems will
be eliminated and information will be availed to authorized personnel at a
single-point of reporting.This will improve productivity and timely access
to information/reports within the university.

Once the system is deployed,no unit within the university will be able to
develop and deploy an Information system on the University network without
guidance and approval from DICTS.This is therefore to request that all
unit heads or project coordinators with ICT components liaise with DICTS
if they plan on either procuring or developing an Information System for
their unit or project.

Please note that the conceptualization,development and deployment of an
Integrated Management Information System within a complex environment like
Makerere does not happen overnight.It's a process that develops over a
specified time frame albeit with challenges like would be if any other
project was being implemented.We therefore need your support when the time

The Computerized Education Management and Accounting System of Government
(CEMAS) whose implementation is already underway at Makerere is an
integrated information system in itself.However,it caters to areas of
student management (AR),institutional financial management as well as the
human resource component and should therefore be able to integrate and
seamlessly communicate with all other relevant Information Systems within
the University.

Stand-alone Information Systems are not only a challenge at Makerere.DICTS
has interfaced with ICT personnel at two top South African Universities
who grapple with the same challenge within their
universities.Implementation of IMIS will create transparency and increased
accountability for all University Information Systems.