Improving Mak-ICT Service Delivery

Dear Staff,

DICTS has for the last few years communicated about the importance of standardizing and streamlining Mak-ICT services for improved service delivery.All Mak-stakeholders, have a role to play in this process if Makerere aims to efficiently use ICTs as an enabler for all University business processes.

Activities in the Makerere ICT strategic plan 2016-2021, can only be implemented if funds are availed,otherwise little will be achieved in transforming Makerere into a competitive ICT driven research University.While the enforcement of Mak-ICT policies is primarily DICTS mandate,it's equally important that Mak-ICT users comply with all the ICT policies for improved service delivery.

One of the challenges that has continued to negate ICT service delivery within Makerere besides limited funding,is the implementation of ICT systems in different colleges and units without involving DICTS.
This has made it difficult for DICTS to streamline ICT services as many of these systems do not meet the ICT specifications or standards as spelt out in the University ICT Framework contracts document which standardizes specifications for ICT equipment across board.

The inability to efficiently streamline ICT services,impacts on ICT security and overall user-experience among others. This is therefore to request all unit and college heads to seek guidance from DICTS before implementing any ICT services as these have to meet the ICT standards set by DICTS and also fit into the overall University ICT Masterplan. ICT systems and services that do not meet the requirements,will not be allowed access on the University ICT network.

In the first quarter of 2017,DICTS intends to undertake an audit of ICT systems and services in all University colleges and Units against specific compliance criteria and advise system owners and/or administrators accordingly should systems fail the compliance test.The exercise will enable DICTS know about all ICT systems within the University especially those implemented without guidance from DICTS and it will be done with the aim of improving ICT service delivery.You are therefore requested to support DICTS personnel when approached.

DICTS appreciates feedback from users on ICT service improvement despite the funding and staffing challenges within the unit.Please keep sending in your requests for service improvement and we will advise you accordingly or resolve your queries within the available means.

Many thanks and Regards,

Mugabi Samuel.

End User Support Manager