Improve Makerere's e-visibility Through Social Media

Dear staff and students

Many of us use social media for personal purposes but you will find that only a few use it to market their professional skills, teach and/or disseminate their research output. If social media is fully embraced for professional use, it can improve our institutional online visibility by driving user traffic to the Makerere University domain (
Increased online visibility, is likely to result into more research and industrial collaborations between Makerere and other institutions.

How do I contribute to improving online visibility?

Each college within the University has an official social media page (Facebook and twitter) which is managed by the college PR and Web administrator. Most of these pages are actively followed by current and prospective students plus the public and are key portals that can be used to draw attention to our institutional websites if links to research projects hosted on the domain are posted on these official social media sites. Please contact your college web administrator for advice on how to use the college social media sites to increase your departmental research e-visibility. DICTS also developed templates for staff websites which if populated by all staff,play a key role in improving institutional e-visibility. Please visit to create your staff website.

Isn't social media mostly a wastage of my time?

You are wrong! Many academics in higher educational institutions across the world are starting to embrace social media as a tool for research dissemination and teaching. Please click the link below for guidance on usage of social media for University research, teaching and impact activities.

What guides the use of social media within the University?

The Makerere University social media policy gives guidelines to be followed by all ( staff and students) who intend to use social media for institutional purposes and this policy can be found on page 28 of the Makerere University ICT Policy (2016-2021) by clicking the link below.

Please note that the Makerere University social media policy is in line with the Gov. of Uganda social media policy
and the two can't be read in isolation. Its important that you read both policies for guidance on best usage of social media for personal and institutional purposes. It is equally important that users are aware of several ICT usage policies in the Gov. of Uganda ICT policy Framework since ICT policies in all Government agencies are aligned to the overall objectives of the National ICT policy Framework.

DICTS will continue to sensitize users on all ICT policies of the University in order to promote adherence to the same and as a result improve ICT service delivery within the institution. Please feel free to get in touch with us via the DICTS twitter handle @DICTSMakerere for support and advise on ICT areas that require improvement.

Kindest Regards, Mugabi Samuel

End-User Support Manager DICTS