Hacking Facebook Account by Simply Knowing Account Phone Number

Technological has come with great pros and cons. As many enjoy the era of social media and its benefits, there seem to be more challenges than meets the eye. We share such much information to these social media giants like our birth dates, mobile phone numbers etc it has come to the attention of many researchers that your facebook account can be hacked by only knowing your account phone number.

How to hack a Facebook account? that’s an answer everyone wants to know. Though there are many ways to get into someone’s Facebook these researchers have demonstrated how to hack anyone’s account with just their phone number!

There are about a billion users of Facebook nowadays which constitutes to about a sixth of the world’s population. So when someone is hacking an account, they are attacking one in every six people on the planet. And it has become pretty easy for hackers to hack into Facebook accounts. Researchers managed to prove that as long as someone has a phone number of the target, then they can certainly take control of the person’s Facebook account. Of course, the attacker would need some few hacking skills.

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