Google Tracks Use of HTTPS on Top 100 Websites

You could be a developer or a user of a website. For long website developers have been told to secure their websites and for some they don't take this serious. HTTPS is being embraced world over for all kinds of websites to be secure. Google is taking a huge step in securing all their sites, the question would be what are we doing about ours.

Here is more from Google.

Google announced on Tuesday that its transparency report now includes a section dedicated to monitoring the use of HTTPS on the world’s top 100 websites.

Data protection and privacy have become increasingly important, and many organizations have started moving their websites and services to HTTPS. However, the migration process can prove challenging for large services.

Google has been working on implementing HTTPS by default across its services, but the search giant says it still has a long way to go until all its products are protected. In the meantime, the company launched a new transparency report that tracks the progress of encryption efforts for both its own products and the world’s most visited websites.

Google will be tracking the state of HTTPS on the world’s top 100 third-party websites, which, based on data from Alexa and Google, are believed to account for roughly a quarter of all global website traffic.

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