End-User Security Awareness on Web-browsers

Dear staff and Students

DICTS has severally advised Mak-ICT users on various end-user security best practices, however not much has been shared on web-browser security. We all use web-browers to access various online resources both on/off campus but many users don't pay attention to web-browser pluggins and pop-ups that show up while they are working and simply ignore them or allow installation of pluggins/add-ons whose effect they don't know.

Some pluggins add/improve the functionality and resilience of the web-browser while others improve web-browser security features. However, there will be several pop-ups embedded with malicious code/malware that will affect the performance of your computer once installed. Similarly, alot of spyware that gathers information about your browsing patterns is installed via a web-browser interface. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to those pop-ups that appear in your web-browser section.

Since most computers run on the Windows platform, it’s important to note that Google no longer supports the Google Chrome web-browser on the following operating system versions;

1)Windows Vista (reached end of life)
2) Windows XP (reached end of life)
3) OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
4) OS X 10.7 Lion
5) OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Therefore, using the Google Chrome web-browser on the aforementioned operating system versions exposes your computer to malware infection.

Users of Internet Explorer, should click the link below for support information on different versions of the Windows operating system.


Also click the link below for information on Safari web-browser support for Mac-OS, Windows and ios plus additional web-browser security recommendations.


Should you need further support, please contact us for advise.