Deployment and Testing of the new Mailing Platform

Dear Staff,

A new and robust mailing platform has been installed and will go live over
the weekend in what we have termed as a "test phase".The "test phase" will
allow us to monitor it's performance,security features and usability in a
live (production) environment and also gives users the opportunity to have
a "feel" of the new interface and return feedback on areas that need
further customization/improvement.

Users should not worry about loosing their emails during the "test phase"
as these will be backed-up including those from the old platform.

The new platform comes with a user interface very similar to that of
outlook the mail-client and offers the following additional features;

1) An address book.

2) A calender which allows you to create your schedule or import and
export a calender from and to other sources.

3) A tasks tab that allows you to create tasks with reminder messages for

4) The mailing platform is also mobile-friendly (has a mobile version)
which will enable users to access emails with ease from the Mak-server on
and off-campus.

5) The new mailing platform also comes with enhanced encryption which
secures your communications both in transit and storage.

6) In-built default password policy (password must be at least 8
characters long and must include at least one number and one punctuation

7) Mak-users have been experiencing inability to send emails with the
Mak-outgoing server settings ( when they go off the
Makerere network and connect to other internet service providers like
MTN,Orange etc.To send emails,users have been changing the outgoing server
settings from those of the Mak-mail server to those of the network they
choose to connect to.This has been somewhat challenging and has deterred
several users from connecting to the Mak-network using smart
devices.However,this is set to change with the new mailing platform. All
that users will have to do,is to configure mail-clients on their laptops
and smart-devices with the Mak-incoming/outgoing server settings and be
able to send/receive mail regardless of the network they connect to across
the globe.This will inevitably improve mobile device usage on the Makerere

8) DICTS has also increased storage quota for staff by the following

(i)   412% increase for general users.
(ii)  150% increase for students.
(iii) 924% increase for Principals,Deans and Deputy Deans.

Please note that no requests will be accepted for quota increment from one
category to another.While the new quotas will prevent your emails from
filling up quickly as has been the case,users are still encouraged to
either forward their emails to another email address or set-up a mail
client (outlook,audora etc) to back-up their emails.

The Intranet Chat feature and personalized profile pictures are not
currently included on the mailing platform but are being developed by the
DICTS team.

End-User documentation on usage of the mailing platform will be developed
and shared with the user community.